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Keeping Domain

For Immediate Release | Jun 08, 2004

“It starts when you forget to renew your domain name,” states Philip L. Ellison, technology consultant and owner of Hemlock-based Quagmire Solutions. “Then, you never know what happens.”

With many businesses using an online web presence to market themselves, the importance of registering and maintaining a domain name is becoming critical.

A domain name is a name Internet users type into their web browser to access a website. For example, Microsoft’s domain name is microsoft.com.

But for those who are not careful, their domain can be taken from them.

Individuals or businesses buy domain names for a certain length of time, usually in yearly intervals. When the subscribed time runs out, domain can be renewed indefinitely prior to expiration.

However, after expiration, trouble can begin.

Individuals of questionable ethics known as ‘cyber squatters’ will register recently expired domain names and then offer to sell the domain name back to the previous owner who may have forgotten to conduct a domain renewal for many times what a domain registration costs.

Ellison says there are several examples here in Mid Michigan.

“One company’s domain name was taken from them, loaded it with adult content, and offered it for sale for $5,000.”

Ellison offers several tips on how to best avoid losing a domain name.

“The best way is to have a web design professional handle your domain name. They know how to deal if problems arise. If you are doing it on your own, check the official record at www.networksolutions.com. By entering the domain name, users can see exactly when the domain name is to expire.”

Ellison said the best advice is one given by Ben Franklin over 200 years ago: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


The above article was issued by an OLC attorney when he previously worked in corporate operations and communications. Because these articles are highly informative, they are provided as a service of this law firm.