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Constitutional and Civil Rights Litigation

Federal civil rights attorneys are lawyers who specialize in advocating for the protection and enforcement of civil rights under federal law. The greatest threat to our constitutional freedoms is the government and its officials getting away with violations. Outside Legal Counsel represents individuals and businesses as their federal civil rights lawyer. Civil rights attorneys can work for various entities, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private law firms. Those who work for the federal government, such as the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, are responsible for enforcing federal civil rights laws and prosecuting individuals and organizations that violate them. OLC files lawsuits to seek needed remedies such as injunctions, damages, and changes to policies and practices.

No matter who you are, you have: If these rights are or were denied, a federal civil rights lawsuit can remedy those violations.

Fifth Amendment Explainer

For more than a decade, OLC has represented (and actively represents) citizens and organizations who the government has unfairly and unconstitutionally targeted. However, federal civil rights cases are especially difficult and require the expertise of highly specialized attorneys who understand this area of law. OLC stands ready to help.