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Safeguard Your Web Address

For Immediate Release | Dec 06, 2004

Beginning this past November, ICANN (the international authority of website addresses) has changed its domain ownership policies to make it easier to transfer domain names between Registrars—companies that register website addresses.

Working more like a telephone number, domain names can be transferred more easily from one registrar company to another, which according to ICANN, “will provide for greater consumer and business choice, enabling domain name registrants to select the registrar that offers the best services and price.”

“This can lead to abuse of the domain name registrars, and can potentially allow for slamming,” states Philip L. Ellison, owner and web consultant of Hemlock, Michigan-based Quagmire Solutions. “The procedure has really changed.”

In the past, there had to be approval from the email address of the owner before a domain could be transferred. Under the new rules, a new registrar can request a domain transfer, notify the owner, and if there is no response from the owner within 5 days, the current registrar must transfer the domain without further delay.

This could result in domain slamming if a customer is away from their e-mail for a week.

“Simply put, you need to lock down your domain name,” states Philip L. Ellison.

To prevent unauthorized transfer of your web address, ask your domain registrar or web hosting company to add a “domain lock” to your account. A domain lock is a requirement that will not allow your current registrar to release your domain name without your directly authorization. This procedure will protect your domain name from being transferred without your direct permission.

For more information, visit the ICANN website at www.icann.org.


The above article was issued by an OLC attorney when he previously worked in corporate operations and communications. Because these articles are highly informative, they are provided as a service of this law firm.