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Beware of the Scam - If It is Too Good....

For Immediate Release | Jan 31, 2007

Pickpockets, snake oil salesmen, and traveling medicine shows--all a form of thievery that we have come to understand as scams. From our emails, you have also learned that fake emails, e-contests, and other scam emails can be just as destructive and can cost you. You know to simply delete these email or Internet scams, and that somewhere, someone else must be suffering from being a sucker of these scam artists.

Or so we think.

It Happened in Harrisville
According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, a Harrisville, Michigan resident became yet another victim of online scams. However, this resident had one slightly different distinction--he was the county treasurer.

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The Alcona County treasurer has been arrested and accused of 10 counts of embezzlement and forgery--all from an online scam. State Police say the treasurer had wired nearly $187,000 in county funds into foreign bank accounts linked to a well-known Nigerian Scam criminal enterprise.

What Goes to Nigeria Stays in Nigeria
The Nigerian Scam works like this: A wealthy foreigner who needs help moving millions of dollars from his homeland sends you an email with a sad or troubling story. The foreigner has usually come into a large sum of ill-gotten money and needs help to "transfer" the money. Naturally, he offers you a large percentage for your help. What kind of help? They need money--usually a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars to help bribe officials or customs charges, or whatever. You wire the money or some even give out their bank account information. The money leaves and you never hear from the foreigners again.

If It Is Too Good to Be True...
Grandma always told you, "If it is too good to be true, it probably is." Grandma was right. While news of victims like these seem to always happen somewhere else, take note: it happened in Harrisville.

As we continue to use the Internet and email for more and more business transactions, I encourage you to take notice and be mindful. The crooks are out there, so beware.


The above article was issued by an OLC attorney when he previously worked in corporate operations and communications. Because these articles are highly informative, they are provided as a service of this law firm.