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Michigan's Open Meetings Act

Michigan's Open Meetings Act or OMA (pronouced Oh-Ma) provides the enforceable right for citizens to generally have actual access to meetings of public bodies and the right to know “what goes on” and “what was decided” by governmental officials serving on public bodies.

Public Bodies

OMA applies to a broad array of governmental boards, bodies, and commissions including the Michigan Legislature and the governing bodies of all cities, villages, townships, charter townships and all county units of government. It also includes local and intermediate school districts, government boards of community colleges, state colleges and universities, and all special boards and commissions created by governing bodies like county road commissions and zoning committees.

A shorthand rule is that if it decides how to spend taxpayer money, it is subject to OMA.

Certain Boards are Specifically Exempt

Several state board are specifically exempt from OMA's requirements including the Worker’s Compensation Appeal Board, the Employment Security Appeals Board, the Michigan Veterans’ Trust Fund Board, the Teacher Tenure Commission, the Michigan Public Service Commission, and any arbitration panels selected by the Employment Relations Commission. MCL § 15.263

Chance or Social Gatherings Also Exempted

OMA's exempts its requirements for meetings which is are social or chance gatherings or conferences not designed to purposely avoid OMA. MCL § 15.263(10).
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