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Notice Requirements

One of the more important aspects of OMA is the requirement that public bodies must give public notice of their meetings so that the public has the opportunity to attend.

General Requirements

Within 10 days of the first meeting of a public body in each calendar or fiscal year, the public body must publicly post a list of scheduled meetings which states the dates, times and places of all its regular meetings at its principal office.

If the body lacks a principal office, a local public body must post the notice at the County Clerk's office and state public bodies must post notice at the Secretary of State's office.

Changes in Meeting Time, Place, or Date

Within three days of the meeting in which the change is made to the schedule, the public body must post a notice stating the new dates, times and places of regular meetings. A recent change to OMA requires public bodies with certain types of websites to post schedule changes to the website in addition to posting the written notice.

Special and Irregular Meetings

For special and irregular meetings, public bodies must post a notice indicating the date, time and place at least eighteen hours before the special or irregular meeting.

Emergency Meetings Do Not Require Notice

Public bodies may hold emergency sessions without a written notice if the public health, safety or welfare is severely threatened and if two-thirds of the body’s members vote to hold the emergency meeting.
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